Hello...You are welcome in my abode. You can come in here. If you so need to take a load off, have a seat in here with me, on and within this beanbag chair shaped like a glazed ham. You are sitting? Very good, very well... hehehe... Oh, it's nothing. I have a story for you if you'd like to come a bit closer, traveler. Ah, you've scooched up, hm? Now I can relay to you the ballad of Ragnar the Red. O, there o

Twelve, Dante, Killua Zoldyck, Worick Arcangelo
Rikxas, Lavi, Clover Field, Goro Majima
Raiden, Leon S. Kennedy, Soul Evans, Revy
Felix Walken, Alois Trancy, Ramuda Amemura, Crow

There are more but what. doth. life?